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Key to successful online ad copy: Write something that draws targeted traffic

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Let’s suppose you’ve invented something that you’re sure will change the world, and now you want to put your miracle product/service online and watch the world change — and your fortune grow. Perhaps it’s a marvelous electronic gizmo or gadget you know every household needs at a price you know they can afford. Perhaps it’s a diet pill that works. Whatever.

Within three months your website has gotten such notice that you’re seeing 10,000 visitors a day. You have great ad copy written and in place, you see people coming to the site and your site stats show you they’re hanging around, and even going to the “buy now” page you’ve tried to get them to. They’re even leaving favorable comments and feedback telling you they appreciate your revolutionary pill/gadget/gizmo.

But few to none are actually pulling out their credit cards and buying. What are you doing wrong?

If I could give you an easy, definitive answer to THAT question, I’d be writing these words while sitting in the breeze on a balmy beach somewhere with a happy smile on my face.

I can make a good guess, though, if you find yourself in a situation similar to the one I’ve outlined above: You are drawing traffic to your website, BUT YOU ARE NOT DRAWING TARGETED TRAFFIC. Heavy traffic to a marketing/sales site which produces little or no sales means “browsers” or “visitors” — but not “buyers.”

So now I’ll ask you to share with us. What do you write and how do you write it to “sell,” rather than just “inform”? Have you had success writing web content that converts visitors into customers? What tips would YOU suggest. Frankly, my Internet marketing efforts have produced only sporadic success. Share your insights and “bless” us all with your expertise in a comment, please.
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