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More about deadlines: Don’t panic, just get to work one task at a time

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A deadline is only daunting if you 1) ignore it hoping it’ll somehow go away, or, 2) procrastinate. Well, sure, some deadlines are harder than others, because they may seem impossibly near, even if you’ve made a conscientious effort to work promptly and hard on them.

I have found that the best way to deal with a deadline is to face up to it, look that sucker straight in the eye, and say, “Bring it on!” Setting aside the bravado, what I really find works best for me is to break that deadline down into a series of steps or mini-deadlines, then methodically work at them one by one.

My wife, by the way, is far better at working with deadlines than I. She always gets a jump on me from the start. I look at a deadline and take time, first of all, to think of it as a “dread” line and say, “Oh my gosh. I can’t do that.” Shirley, however, looks at a deadline and says nothing — or if she does, she keeps it to herself — and simply, quickly gets to work.

I’m learning from her to face deadlines straight on and get right to work at them. My advice is for you to learn from her example, too.
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One Response to “More about deadlines: Don’t panic, just get to work one task at a time”

  1. James Ray Enthusiast says:

    I have big dreams. But until I read the book, Harmonic Wealth, I would settle for ordinary. Every so often, I would get inspired and jot down a few ideas for the screenplay I’ve always wanted to write, but most of the time, I would just stick with the familiar and leave it at that.

    Not anymore. Since I learned the idea of going “3-For-3”, I’ve seen big changes in my life and that dream no longer seem far fetched. I’m writing EVERY SINGLE DAY and already have the first five scenes of the screenplay completed. And I’m enrolled in a screenplay writing class!

    “3-For-3” means THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, AND ACTIONS aligned. So rather than just dreaming about writing and waiting for the story to miraculously appear, I stop and walk through those steps each evening after work: I clear my workspace, open my computer, and then go 3-for-3. I think about the screenplay coming into form, feel the joy and pleasure of the writing, and then act – and begin to type.

    I know this seems really, really simple but 99% of the time we forget to go 3-for-3. How often do you think to yourself, I’m gonna lose 15 lbs. and then never do any feeling or acting? Sometimes these things are super-simple. It’s working for me.

    Here is the link to read more about the concept of 3-for-3 in James Ray’s Harmonic Wealth: harmonicwealth.com/read

    – a Harmonic Wealth Fan

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