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More about using keywords in your Internet writing

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Not too many years ago, people who wrote content for websites discovered they could use words closely related to their site content — and search engines such as Yahoo and Google would flock to their websites. People were searching for those words, hence the search engines would bring ready readers or customers directly to their websites if they simply loaded up the site with keywords.

But, alas, greedy and/or stupid people took advantage of the search engines with a huge bag of tricks which fundamentally cheated people looking for legitimate stuff in the search engines. Web masters would put up empty websites with only a few banners or links that would make money for them — then du such things as repeat one or two keywords or phrases hundreds of time in a background image of the website. Sometimes web masters would do this by even changing the color of the keyword lists to white on a white background, cleverly figuring out that 2,000+ instances of the phrase “buy cheap widgets right here” would show up in the search engines to draw traffic even if real people didn’t see them.

Long story short: Google and Yahoo stay in business by being credible, so their computer science whiz kids quickly learned ways to program their search engines to find fraudulent sites and ban ’em!

Lesson you should learn from all this: Create websites or write online articles which have real value for real people. Don’t try to game the systems and fool the search engines. In the short run you might get away with it — in the long run you could get your website banned by Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., and have few to no visitors.

Be ethical. Be honest. Now get busy and write something we’ll all be proud of!

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