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Odd brand name? Unusual jargon? Obscure ‘bureaucratize’? Somewhere a writer is responsible

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Writers can work magic. Or, sometimes, they just write down words and the magic doesn’t come. In most cases, technical writers and/or copy writers get stuck with the “non-magic” sorts of words.

For example, copy writers forced to come up with names for pharmaceuticals and diet supplements rarely create magic. Let’s face it, the word “Orovo” doesn’t trip charmingly off the tongue, doesn’t conjure images of beautiful and faraway places, and really doesn’t tell you anything. (It’s a brand name for a whole line of dietary/nutritional supplements.) Likewise, brand names like “Lunesta,” “Lipitor,” and “Zocor” by themselves mean nothing — unless you’ve seen the endless, expensive television commercials for that particular pharmaceuticals and happen to use them.

Technical writers have an even tougher, “non-magical” row of words to hoe. Most technical writers never create terms or brand names, they generally get stuck writing step-by-step manuals and “how-tos” implementing equipment and procedures other people have created.

And can you imagine the stress government writers must face, coming up with the jargon and bureaucratic mumbo jumbo that keeps state and federal agencies up and running? What a job that must be!

Enjoy your writing today. Write fiction that soars, poetry that makes us laugh and cry, or simple “how-tos” that help us all boot up our computers and use your software.
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