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One of the great writers of our time, Michael Crichton, has died at 66

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Probably you’ve already heard or read that Michael Crichton has died of cancer in Los Angeles. He was 66 years old. Perhaps you know him best from his television work as one of the creators and long-time writers/producers of the hit show “ER.” Or maybe you remember him for “Jurassic Park.”

If you’re an “old timer” like me, you may even remember his first novel, “The Andromeda Strain,” which came out in 1969 while he was still in medical school. Did you realize he was a medical doctor? When his writing hit the big time, he quit medicine to write full time. He was fond of putting himself down as a doctor, claiming that the best thing which ever happened to his patients and the medical profession in general was his success as a writer.

What’s your favorite Michael Crichton work? I confess I haven’t read any of his more recent work. One novel which got relatively little notice (although it was eventually made into a movie which I didn’t see) was a time travel fantasy he wrote titled “Timeline,” involving scientists who supposedly travel back into Medieval France. It may actually be my favorite. I also enjoyed his first, “The Adromeda Strain,” and one of his many novels which were made into movies, “The Great Train Robbery.”

What are your favorite Michael Crichton books and/or movies? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. dan aki says:

    Prey was my fav

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