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One of the joys of writing these days: Your office can be almost anywhere

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I’m writing this sitting in a recliner in my 102-year-old home in Springfield, Missouri. Where are you reading it?

The beauty of being a writer in our age is that “office” can mean anywhere you like — and your readers can be worldwide. If you blog, you can publish your writing and get it to your readers virtually instantly.

I have an online acquaintance whose “writing” is mostly content and coding for affiliate marketing websites. He does much of his daily work in an office that consists of his laptop and WiFi connection working in Las Vegas hotels and casinos, seated comfortably, sometimes even poolside.

About 15 years ago, when “laptops” or “portable computers” were incredibly limited and often huge, bulky behemoths compared to today’s laptop/notebook beauties, I used to fantasize about doing my writing someday on a portable computer from a lounge chair, perhaps even poolside. (I had neither a laptop nor a pool then; one out of two now ain’t too bad, I guess.)

I suppose if there’s a point to this post, a “writing tip,” it might be this: Mix up your work routine. Change can be good for you. Certainly you need to be flexible enough to write every day in whatever circumstances you may find yourself. Enjoy the freedom today’s high-tech world offers you as a writer.
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