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One of the NOT so joyous parts of freelancing — health insurance is tough

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In my last post, I pointed out the joyous flexibility we have as freelance writers thanks to the high-tech world we’re living in.

But one of the biggest downsides of the business is the difficulty of finding good, affordable health insurance. Let’s take a look at that.

Until a few years ago, health insurance was not a problem for me. My wife, St. Shirley the Encourager (St. Shirl for short), took an early retirement offer some years back from the employer she had served for 17 years. Part of the package included maintaining her health insurance at the low group rate for company employees until she is old enough for Medicare insurance. Her coverage included her family, so I was covered at a very affordable rate.

Unfortunate circumstances I won’t go into led us to take me off her policy — and presently her company insurance won’t take me back. The new “day job” I just started offers very inferior health insurance with no hospitalization/surgical options.

How do those of you who freelance take care of health insurance coverage? Are you on a spouse’s health coverage as I was for many years? Do you simply find a way to afford health insurance and pay a big premium? Or are you in the situation I’ve been in for the last nine months and have no health insurance?

Tough times out there for all of us in this economic downturn, days of high gas prices, and expensive health insurance. Tell us your solution to the health insurance problem.
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