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One person’s tools may be another’s ‘toys’ — how do you relax, recover from writing sessions?

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One person’s tools may be another person’s toys, right? My wife loves to work in our large, somewhat overgrown backyard when she has some spare spring and summer moments — so I bought her a rechargeable electric week whacker for Mothers’ Day. Wasn’t that just special?

(For those of you who are concerned about how we celebrate Mothers’ Day in our household — our son, daughter, and son-in-law came over and put on a big pizza feed for all. Is that better?)

Sure, I could have bought something like candy, a nice dinner out with the family, a ring or necklace. But she really wanted the weed whacker, so that’s what I got. And, yes, she really has let me know she’d rather I not mess around with it. She prefers to do the yard work herself.

Hey, no arguments from me. Been years since I preferred a lawn mower to a keyboard. Okay, I’ve NEVER preferred a lawn mower to a keyboard.

Which brings me to the subject of this post — how do you unwind after hours of pounding your keyboard? Do you enjoy working in the yard or garden, perhaps? Spend a little time walking or jogging through your neighborhood? Or, like me, to you prefer moving from your keyboard directly to a cool drink and a power nap?

I’ve really got to get out more.
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