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Repeating a writing tip I gave you some weeks ago: Make ‘wikipedia’ one of your regular online friends

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I don’t have any great insight for you here. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that wikipedia.com is a very quick, easy, and useful writing resource.

I bring it up again today because I just realized I’ve consulted the site myself just today something like four times — and it’s only early afternoon here.

I find myself drawn to the ease of using it and the incredibly comprehensive nature of content. You can find almost anything in wikipedia. Just today, I’ve used it for quick references to “Leave It to Beaver” and Jerry Mathers, conservative religious leader Bill Gothard, an Arkansas family with 17 kids and another on the way, and some information about collectible action figures.

So keep wikipedia bookmarked and handy. It isn’t the most authoritative encyclopedia available, there are even regular challenges to its accuracy, so make sure you don’t take it for the “final word” on anything you’re writing for publication. But it sure is useful for little trivia tidbits and for story ideas.

Make wikipedia your online friend.
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