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Speaking of copy writing — I’ve always found putting new ‘spins’ on old products a tough job

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I’ve only had one “professional” copy writing job in my writing career, and that was many years ago. But I do copy writing almost daily for much of the content on my various affiliate marketing websites. I’m sure many of you reading this are professional copy writers and/or find yourself also writing website copy that involves advertising.

So my question here would be this: What sort of copy writing job(s) do you find hardest to do well? Or do you find anything hard to do well? I mean, seriously, I’ve known some copy writers who just have such a knack for the task that they can write good ad copy just about faster than I can sign my name.

Here’s an example of the toughest copy writing I ever face — finding a new or unique way to “spin” an old or well-known type of product. What would I write, for instance, if I were trying to make someone click a link on one of my affiliate marketing websites for an acne treatment product? Even if the product itself is something new, even if it’s genuinely “revolutionary,” what can I write to persuade people? I mean, I’m 60 years old and I know I’ve seen an endless stream of new and “revolutionary” acne treatment products since my pre-teen years.

Overcoming ad saturation would be the biggest challenge, I think, for professional copy writers. But what do you professional copy writers out there think about it? Tell us, please.
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