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Tell us about some of the difficult writing assignments you’ve had to do

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Those of you who write for a living, either wholly or in part, probably remember a time when you had to write something on assignment or as part of your daily job that really was difficult to do.

Perhaps the subject matter was unpleasant to you personally. Perhaps you had to interview someone who was a difficult interview. Or perhaps you simply were ignorant about the subject or nature of the topic and had to struggle to research it adequately to do the writing.

The toughest writing I’ve ever had to do in the past was to interview and write about a particular region of the world and religious missionary activity going on there. The problem was, I had to be very, very careful about what I said and how I said it — or I would possibly be putting that particular church’s personnel and presence at risk in that area. I hated trying to deal with all the restrictions on what I could ask and what I could write.

Another tough assignment was a short blog item I had to do related to Ping Golf, a particular brand of golf equipment, golf apparel, and other golfing accessories. The problem there is my total ignorance of the game of golf. I’ve played golf once, and shot somewhere around 103-110. Oh, uh, and that was for just nine holes.

So what are some of the writing tasks you’ve struggled with? Research and background for something you were writing? Interview issues? Post a comment and let us know, please.
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