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Try to use targeted keywords in the name of your blog or website

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When you create a blog or website, try to use a name that people might search for in Google and it could pay off for you in free search engine traffic.

This is sort of related to the post I made last week regarding “long tail keywords” and their use to generate search engine traffic to your blog or website. The example I used there was creating keyword phrases of three or four words that are likely to be searched for in Google, Yahoo, MSN, or other Internet search engines. I used the example of picture frames. I won’t post that all over again, you can read it here.

Another useful way to draw search engine traffic to a blog or website is to use a name that people might readily search for if they are looking for a product to buy online, or if they are searching for specific information that you will provide. Here’s an example from my own online efforts:

I recently started a blog on something I am interested in, feel a passion for, and have some expertise with — the history of the American West. When I decided to start the blog, I thought about what someone might search for if they were looking for stories or information about the history of the “Old West,” that period running from around the time of the Civil War or a decade or two before to about 1900, when the “Old West” was more or less populated and becoming tame. I wanted to cover legends, real-life history, information about the daily life in the American West, and even throw in some links to relevant merchandise I might make some commissions on.

The next thing I did, before starting the blog itself, was think about a name for the blog that people might think of if they had similar interests. After kicking some ideas around with my wife, Shirley, we settled on “Life in the Old West.” Then I went to the company where I register domain names for my blogs and websites and did a search. I REALLY lucked out. The domain name “lifeintheoldwest.com” was available, so I grabbed it.

The results? I have had that blog going for about three months exactly. If you type “Life in the Old West” (without the quote marks) into Google, you’ll get a list of “1 – 10 of about 21,700,000,” according to the stats at the top of the Google results page. My blog front page is number six. As a result, I get several dozen visitors a day, and I’ve made just a few bucks selling affiliate merchandise for a company that sells supplies and books for gold prospecting and “rockhounding.” (Disclosure: My “earnings” have been less than $20, and it costs me money to host the blog and time to write the posts, so it isn’t a big deal — yet.)

How do you choose your blog names? How do you go about naming your websites? Don’t be too cute or try to be too clever. If your site name is something clever it may be fun for you, but will people ever search for it? Why not research some keywords related to your blog/website and try to get those words into the site/blog name and the domain name you register to host it?
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