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What makes humor funny? Share your tips for humor writing

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I’ve always been a funny person. No, seriously, I really am a funny guy. I know everyone says that and the world is filled with wannabe comedians — but I really AM funny.

My point is this: Humor isn’t humor if you have to explain it, repeat it, or insist on it. Humor writing is a talent I confess I lack. I can watch humor and “get it,” I can read humor and “get it” — but when I try writing humor, I really don’t get it done all that well.

So this post is a simple plea: Those of you reading this who want to help us all, please share any tips and tricks you have for writing humor. In the past I have wanted to try my hand at humorous greeting cards, humor fillers or briefs, even joke writing. But I’ve never successfully written or sold a single joke or humor brief.

Tell me, how do you do humor? What makes you laugh? What humor have you written? Enlighten us, please.
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One Response to “What makes humor funny? Share your tips for humor writing”

  1. Jean says:

    Humor is hard to define. I belong to a writer’s group and they all say my writing is funny. By the time I finish writing and rewriting a piece, I don’t think it’s funny at all. I feel my thinking is just a little skewed. I have had other people read my stuff and they’ve said, “I don’t get it.” So, I’m thinking, humor is relative. Does anyone find your writing to be funny? Maybe you’re being too critical of yourself? What do others say?

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