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What’s the most interesting writing job you’ve ever held?

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What’s the most interesting writing or writing related job you’ve ever held? What’s the worst or the least interesting writing or writing related job you’ve ever held?

I ask those questions because I want a better idea of the experiences and interests of you, my good readers. I originally started this little gathering on the Internet hoping to share some of the writing experiences and writing knowledge I have with people interested in knowing it. I can only do that effectively as I get feedback from all of you out there.

My most interesting writing job was as “news editor” of the weekly denominational magazine of a major Protestant Christian denomination headquartered in the town we currently live in. (No accident we live here; we came to go to school here and work at their headquarters. That was many years ago.) I put quotation marks around “news editor” for a reason — to set it off as a phrase with a unique or different meaning than expected. That has to do with job descriptions and how those jobs work out in the “real world.”

My title was “news editor,” but the job was actually more “PR” than it was “news.” Understandably, the editorial policies and decisions at the magazine were ultimately made a couple of levels above me by the leaders of that particular religious denomination or church. Those church leaders were vary wary of me doing anything that would “hurt” their church efforts. They also were very eager to have me say good things or report positive developments within the church. Hence, I actually did a sort of mix of news and PR for the church — with heavy emphasis on the “PR” part.

But knowing and working within those restrictions, I really enjoyed the job. I got to do basic news writing and reporting (mostly telephone interviews when I did interviews), and I got to do basic copy editing. I was given the power to make decisions about what would or would not go into the news section of the magazine — within those denominational restrictions again. My favorite part of the job, actually, was the occasional travel I did to various conferences and religious events — and the interesting and even the not-so-interesting religious leaders and other people I got to meet.

So what’s the most interesting writing job you’ve ever had? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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