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When did it become so common to ‘put your [fill in the blank] on steroids’?

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Funny how cliches creep into the language, isn’t it?

I was looking at some stuff related to steroids — yes, I am a baseball fan and, yes, opening day is very soon — and realized as I searched Google that the expression “put you … on steroids,” meaning something like “make your … spectacularly, gigantically, great” and is used about everything from muscles to websites. (My search also taught me that there really are such things as legal steroids out there which are sold both in stores and online. But be very careful if you’re in the market for the legal steroids, would be my suggestion.)

Have you, too, encountered this relatively new cliche? I assume it came about through all the press steroid use in sports has been getting in recent years. I imagine someone took the accepted wisdom that steroids cause rapid increases in growth and muscle mass and made it into a metaphorical (is that correct?) expression for rapid growth in any area.

Anyone know how the expression may have started? I’m suffering a mental lapse this evening and can’t think of a quick and ready source to check out the origin of the expression. Anyone out there able to enlighten us? Tell us if you can, please.
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