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When you write, always be aware of the need for details, clarity

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Your character walks into a room, takes a look around, goes over to the counter, and sits down. He looks quickly along the counter, evaluating the people sitting in the room, apparently looking for something or someone.

Is the counter just a counter, or is it a bar? When he sat down, did he plant himself on one of the bar stools in the room — or were they just counter stools?

Why on earth am I asking? Why is that important?

It’s important because precise usage of terms here makes all the difference between a story about a teenager meeting buddies at a local ice cream store or an off-duty cop meeting shady characters in a smoky bar. Establishing every physical detail in your mind when you’re writing a scene enables you to make that scene rich and interesting to your readers.

Don’t write general “stuff,” write detailed scenes, scenes as vivid as you can possibly write so that your readers are drawn to your characters and drawn into the places and events of your story.

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