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Writing tip: Quick way to write quality article for your blog or website

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I’ve been doing a lot of article writing in recent weeks, focusing on keywords that people are searching for in Google which relate closely to my websites. That’s how I expect to draw traffic to the site and, hopefully, earn some money for my efforts through products and services I market on the site.

Here’s a quick idea, a “tip,” for a way you can write quality articles for your blog or website. I’m assuming here that you’ve used whatever methods you already have for finding the keywords or keyword phrases you are going to use in the article. (Quick rule of thumb I use: I make sure the keywords appear once in the article title, once in the first paragraph, and once near the end of the article.)

1. Search the Internet for your target keyword using one of the major search engines. I suggest using Google since it’s far and away the most used and the one which will bring you the most traffic if you rank highly. Focus on the top four sites that are returned.

2. Visit each of the top four websites and take notes on what they have to say about your keyword.

3. Find two articles with your keyword in the title at EzineArticles.com and two GoArticles.com. Read all four articles and take notes on what they have to say about your keyword.

4. Search wikipedia for your keyword. Read and take notes on what the entry says about your keyword.

5. Re-read your notes and think about what you’ve learned about your keyword from all that research.

6. Now sit down and write 400+ words about “Where to Find the Best Deals on ‘Keyword’,” or “Four Little Known Facts About ‘Keyword’,” or perhaps “Five Ways ‘Keyword’ Can Help You ….” You get the idea: Don’t just write a ho-hum article about your keyword. You have adequate information to write about a specific aspect of it.

Hopefully, you have some background or knowledge about that keyword and subjects generally related to it in the first place, because you have a website to which it is relevant.

Personally, I would hate to have to start from scratch writing 400+ word articles about home furnishing, or garden tools, or credit cards, most vitamin supplements, HGH supplements, bird watching, or a lot of topics simply because there’s so much I DON’T know about them. On the other hand, I love history — especially the history of the American west — and I’m captivated by politics.

Give it a try. Get busy and write two or three articles every day and post them to your website. I’ll bet you find an increase in your website traffic — and hopefully an increase in earnings.

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